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Transgender Community Coalition and TDOR Palm Springs is the leading non-profit humanitarian organization working progressively to improve the welfare of Transgender and Gender Nonconforming people within the Inland Empire. We work with youth, police and government training, hospitals, medical clinics, government policy, social justice, Transgender Day of Remembrance Vigil, Pride Events, employment, education, suicide prevention, incarceration and rehabilitation, sexual assault and violence protection and prevention, homelessness, leadership training, surveys, educational lectures and movies, and just about all other aspects that prevent Transgender and Gender Nonconforming people from living authentic lives.


We would greatly appreciate your donations with an automatic giving, so we may further improve the lives of this minority group for this is truly a noble cause, and one that improves your local community. Your donation will literally determine another’s happiness that is less fortunate.


By clicking on the button on this page, you can choose the amount to donate monthly, right after that box is “Make This Recurring (Monthly)". You do not have to have a Paypal account, at the bottom you can choose as a guest or a Paypal user. Either way Paypal is one of the most secured electronic businesses in the world. You can stop the monthly donation at anytime.


Some cell phones do not show the monthly recurring button. If this is your case, please use a desktop computer, or contact me directly and I will make the time to bring a portable computer to  help you by phone or in person.


No amount is too great or too small, all is greatly appreciated.


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Thomi Clinton

Chief Executive Officer of Transgender Community Coalition and TDOR Palm Springs



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