Our History


Since moving to the valley in 2008, Thomi Clinton was consistently approached by Transgender people who had complaints about their abuse and mistreatment in the community.  She helped resolve their problems behind the scenes while being leery to come into the public eye.  The previous leader of the Transgender community left for gainful employment and there was a need to continue her work.  It was, at this time in 2014, that Thomi Clinton stepped forward, knowing that creating the needed changes in the community would be met with some resistance.


In 2014 Thomi Clinton created Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR) Palm Springs. This grassroots organizations purpose was to raise funds for the first TDOR Memorial Statue honoring all the Transgender people who have been murdered in the world.  Quickly the Transgender and ally community continued to reach out to Thomi Clinton and soon this organization for a statue had evolved into a social justice organization advocating for change helping Transgender people the tools necessary to live authentically.  In 2015, the Board agreed to change the name to Transgender Community Coalition which was more reflective of what the organization was providing to the community.


 With only volunteers and no paid staff, within one year, Transgender people had access to health care and hormone therapy, police training, youth outreach, addressing homeless, unemployment, and much more.  We became the leading organization in the Inland Empire advocating for change to allow Transgender people to live authentically.


 In 2016 we are expanding yet again and bringing more public and national attention to our local community as a healthy and safe place for all to live.


The Transgender Community Coalition • www.transscc.org

We are a 501(c) (3) charitable organization