Some Fabulous Leos

New SFL Presents Board 2016

Paul Lopez-Cochran

Dr. Donald Grimm

Ms. Lynn Stopnick

Charles Conn

Antonio Lopez-Cochran


Some Fabulous Leos is a nonprofit organization whose only goal is to celebrate the sign of the Leo and raise money for local organizations that do so much for our community.


A little bit of history of the Leo Party.....

When George Zander turned forty, in 1984, his family and friends threw a huge party in Seattle. Everyone spent lots of money on gifts and black “over the hill” paraphernalia. Though enjoying the festivities and adoration- what Leo wouldn’t, he vowed to change the celebration of his birthday to a celebration with no gifts, and he suggested that his friends and family write checks to their favorite charity in the name of Leos.


The party grew and when George joined the Board of the Seattle AIDS Support Group (SASG), the Leo Party for SASG was born. It always occurred during Seattle's short but lovely summer. The location moved about but was always outdoors. It remained a party to celebrate Leos and all that admire them!


Upon migrating to the Desert, George met up with other Leos including the Mixtress Victoria at a party Antonio was hosting for Paul- a fellow Leo for him at a local resort.  During this said party attendees were asked to don boas, tiaras and such.  Cocktails, nosh, gifts & especially fun were abound.  It was at this Leo Party a new round of Leo Parties began.

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We are a 501(c) (3) charitable organization