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Staff And Board


Thomi Clinton

Chief Executive Officer


Photography by Luis Alberto Gavela.

Makeup by Tamar Lillard.

Josie Diaz

Treasurer and Board Member

Board Of Directors

Dr. Tim Perlick

Board Member and Co-Chair


Ally Zemelman

Board Member


Steed McCotter

Board Member

Alyce Anders

Board Member

Intersex Outreach Coordinator  Content Strategist




Raven Dia Saul

Co-Chair of Transgender Spirituality Interfaith Outreach Coordinator



Clear Raines

Homeless Advocacy Outreach

Substance Abuse Outreach



Rabbi David Lazar

Raina Chessman Committee



Sabrina North

Substance Abuse Outreach Coordinator






Dr. Laura Rush

Liaison To Kaiser Permanente

Raina Chessman Committee



DeeAnn Hopings







Briteny Turner







Kyler Katez

Electronic Information Publicist







Armando Escobedo

Liason to the City of Riverside, California






Deacon Noah Seaton

Chair Of Transgender Spirituality Intefaith Outreach Coordinator





Adrian Paredes

Legal Resources





Susan Thronson

Raina Chessman Committee





John Buell

Facebook Information Page Administrator







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