Transgender Community Coalition

At Work in the Community




Workplace and Cultural Sensitivity Training


TCC provides workplace and cultural sensitivity training and education to businesses, public agencies, and healthcare and service organizations across the Coachella Valley in order to insure that they not only meet their legal obligations of public accommodation, but also embody the highest standards of dignity and respect for their employees, clients and customers. TCC offers education on such topics as transitioning in the workplace, proper pronouns, creating welcoming environments, reducing bias, legal issues, health equity, and much more.


Linkage to Health Care Services &Health Insurance Navigation


TCC provides, assistance, information and advocacy to help navigate the complex and often confusing healthcare system. By providing referrals to knowledgeable and culturally competent physicians and providers and assisting with securing health insurance including government sponsored Medi-Cal, IEHP, Medicare, V.A. and Covered California health plans, TCC removes hurdles to accessing care and expanded covered services.


PrEP and PEP Education and Linkage


TCC provides education and information, partners with other HIV/AIDS and LGBTQI+ organizations in the Coachella Valley to provide HIV, PrEP (preexposure prophylaxis) and PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis) education to members of the transgender, intersex and gender-nonconforming communities in order to prevent new HIV infections in this often at risk population.


Emergency Assistance


TCC provides emergency assistance through the Raina Chessman Fund to community members facing acute and imminent challenges arising from homelessness, family rejection, parole/probation, domestic violence, eviction in housing, coming OUT, workplace termination, onset transitioning, etc.


Name and Gender Change Navigation


TCC helps navigate complex name and gender change forms and procedural requirements as well as peer support to those required to appear in court to complete the process.


Sobriety and Addiction


TCC provides referrals to and works closely with local recovery programs, rehabilitation's and sober livings to support transgender individuals struggling with alcoholism, addiction and substance abuse issues.


Prison Advocacy and PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act)


Recognizing a long history of criminalization of transgender, LGBT+ communities, TCC advocates for rehabilitation programs, community re-entry facilities and the continuation of medically necessary hormone and other treatments for incarcerated community members. We provide an LGBTQI inmate letter program that provides inmates with social support and a connection with the larger trans community that affords them visibility to ensure they are not sexually assaulted or abused while incarcerated.


Policy Development, Coalition & Leadership


TCC advances and develops public policies which address hurdles to accessing equal employment, housing and healthcare services. TCC nurtures and mentors new leaders and grass roots advocates within the community to support coalition building, service growth and legal protection and advancement.


Social Events and Peer Support


TCC hosts the annual Transgender Day of Remembrance, Trans Equality March, Trans Pride and the monthly T-Time social hour. TCC recognizes that dynamic social support is connected not only to authentic living, but can also prevent and reduce the instances of isolation and depression which disproportionately affect this population. Providing opportunities to meet others of like mind, spirit and circumstance helps to build friendships, self-esteem and emotional health.


Employment and Housing


TCC is an aggressive advocate for employment access and housing equality. TCC provides referrals to housing and employment opportunities and outside programs, and is proud of its role in reducing transgender unemployment across the Valley.


HIV/STI Prevention and Education


TCC understands the impact that HIV and STI's have had on the LGBT+ community and provides education and information to educate high risk economically displaced communities at risk, and is dedicated to the reduction of HIV/STI new infections.


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